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“When I started out in design, I was told you either go to Los Angeles or New York. I disagreed then, and still do today. A lot of places blast that one to hell. St. Louis is one of ’em! I’ve seen it up close.”

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“The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM) is proud to be a partner, collaborator, supporter and venue during STL Design Week. We welcome all creative fields: including artists, designers, and the public to the museum for upcoming events such as Pecha Kucha on Oct. 6 and Open Studios STL on Oct. 7-9. See you at the museum!”


“St. Louis Design Week has evolved from the dream of a few into an essential experience within our city. The culture of design that is embedded in the fabric of our people has been exposed through the community and events showcased during STLDW. For that one week of the year, the world of design is unleashed across the entire area, revealing the dynamic city we live in.”


“The beauty of STL Design Week is the opportunity and chance. The opportunity to create and witness creations come to life. The chance to meet people and ideas that can spark something new. I’ve loved attending and producing for STL Design Week over the last few years, I feel fortunate that we have such an amazing offering.”

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“Inspiring talks, great community, amazing events, and basically just a ton of fun. We’ll be back at Design Week again this year absorbing and contributing everything we can!”


“STL Design Week is a perfect example of what St. Louis needs, whether you’re a designer or not. It connects dots all over the city that are left untouched throughout the rest of the year. It’s a great way to get out, meet others, and make things happen together. Don’t know exactly what St. Louis’ creative community has to offer to the rest of the city? STLDW is the answer.”


“Combine passion, creative people, and a good time and you’ve got something dangerous—you’ve got the crew attending (and running) the STL Design Week. If you’re looking for an event to check out, and people to befriend who are going to motivate you in your professional and personal life, seek no further. STLDW is where it’s fucking at.”