Not just designers. St. Louis Design Week is for everyone! 

The fifth St. Louis Design Week is almost here and it’s shaping up to be one of the largest in the country. In the country!

Design Week’s purpose is to promote and and inspire design and creativity in St. Louis. And with almost 60 events this year supported by the community, you have a lot to choose from – even if you’re not a designer!


This is a chance to do something new and to see what’s great about our city. You don’t have to be a designer, or in the design industry, to join in the fun.

It starts with a huge opening party at the World Chess Hall of Fame. And the week continues with happy hours, open houses, block parties, architecture insights, live design and screen printing exhibitions, lectures, furniture showcases, creative activities for kids (and adults), an event where you eat soup and listen to artists’ ideas, design studio tours, a lighting exhibition with beer, award shows, workshops on creativity, a tour of the Old Cathedral, a handmade craft show, a lecture about how to live a better life, design and business discussions, a giant, crazy dinner inside a museum, an offensively titled but very motivational lecture, a panel discussion about people’s hobbies and where they led them, a hard-to-pronounce event that features interesting and entertaining stories about amazing people in our city, a massive keg party that will most likely go viral, a ping-pong tournament, and an exclusive tour of the region’s largest employer’s innovative new laboratory! 

There are also some wonderful workshops on Adobe products and how they are shaping the web into a more beautiful, usable place.

St. Louis Design Week

The creative community in St. Louis is part of what makes this city wonderful. Design Week is our chance to open our doors to everyone and show them what they’ve been missing.


Come to a St. Louis Design Week event (or a few)! See new things! Meet new people! Make your DVR work overtime!

You have (almost) 60 chances to do something new. Or 60 excuses why you didn’t.

Want to help? Share this post with someone who might not think St. Louis Design Week is for them.

See you soon!

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