Getting to Know St. Louis Creatives with Mackenzie McCulloch

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. As a Senior Interior Designer at HOK, Mackenzie McCulloch takes immense pride in the work he delivers.  In today’s Getting to Know St. Louis Creatives Mackenzie gives us insight into the future of design in St. Louis.

Where do you see design, in general, heading in the next 5 years?
In 5 years I believe our workforce will change dramatically. Finding and retaining talent is becoming much more difficult and important to businesses – design will become much more about an individual’s experience and how they can manipulate that. People centric, approachable, relatable design will take the place of unattainable or self-serving design.

What advice would you give to those getting started?
My biggest career aha at this point has been the importance of building a strong network of people, and how listening and understanding them can benefit you and them. My advice would be to meet as many people as possible, it will develop your ability to problem solve through truly understanding people’s needs.

What is one thing you want to see happen next in your design field?
Nothing excites me more than getting to see the evolution of a project from start to finish and how it evolves in its design life. I would love for there to be more synergies between different design disciplines. I would love for us to stop seeing ourselves as the “Architect” the “Interior Designer” the “Graphic Designer” or the “Web Designer” and look at ourselves as a team of people who have a continuous flow of communication and work together to make a more holistic and thoughtful design. We can learn a ton from each other!

What do you predict next for the design community in St. Louis?
There has been a ton of economic growth recently and seeing all the energy and building going on in our city, it is very easy to predict that there will be more opportunities for all types of design. I think this abundance of new opportunities has the potential to make the St. Louis Design community a big part of the momentum to push St. Louis into a recognized design-centric hub.

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