Getting to Know St. Louis Creatives with Jessica Davis

As a Designer at Atomicdust, Jessica Davis combines her love of old-school flair of classic punk rock posters and a clear sense of minimalism, in order to create a style all her own. In today’s Getting to Know St. Louis Creatives Jessica gives us insight into being a designer in St. Louis.

What originally made you want to become a designer?
I was so lucky to be able to stumble into a drawing class one day in college but it was when I took design history that I knew for sure I was in the right spot. I was just crazy about all the different styles and it’s like something was uncovered and I just couldn’t turn that switch off.

Who has been the biggest influence on your work?
If you don’t know who Chip Kidd is, I totally recommend listening to his TED talks but then running to a bookstore and check out all his work that you may not have known were his. He’s made a serious mark in the book industry and challenges the way a story is told. His work is amazing but his thought process is what has inspired me the most.

If you could visit your younger self, what would you share with them about your industry?
I would tell myself to keep loving what you do but don’t forget to explore outside of it. Everything we do is influenced by something and the more we continue to explore, the more you’ll have to draw upon. Be influenced by everything.

How would you describe your approach to design?
In one word — holistic. Perhaps it’s my obsession with details, but when I start anything, I try to think about it from all angles and then when I’m done, can I nerd out and learn something new in the process?

Favorite design-related thing about St. Louis?
Maybe it’s weird or expected but I’m a fan of city neighborhoods and all the inspiration we can pull from each one. From the shops off Cherokee Street to museums, the graffiti walls and all the design events happening around town… this place is alive and well. And as a designer… it’s all fuel for the mind.

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