Getting to Know St. Louis Creatives with Brian Waite

Arcturis is a commercial and industrial architecture firm that specializes in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, healthcare and graphic design. As a Designer at Arcturis, Brian Waite helps clients realize their space. He focuses on the interiors of buildings and specializes in lighting design. In today’s Getting to Know St. Louis Creatives, Brian shares with us insights on the future on design in St. Louis.

Where do you see design, in general, heading in the next 5 years?
Design in the workplace seems to be trending towards bettering the occupants experience through innovative space use and technology. Workplace design trends are going towards smaller footprints for workers, less offices, and more collaborative space. Seeing newer technologies such as LED lighting advance even further with warm dimming, OLEDs, advanced lighting controls, and tunable white which can help tie the color of light inside to the natural spectrum from the sun through variable settings.

What advice would you give to those getting started?
Get involved with design professional groups and take advantage of mentorship/emerging professional opportunities.

What is one thing you want to see happen next in your design field?
Looking at newer technology to help the architecture industry do it’s job better in the office and in the field.

What do you predict next for the design community in St. Louis?
The St. Louis design community is growing and it is exciting to see how design is progressing in the St. Louis area in conjunction with startup and tech industry growth.

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