Creators in Conversation: The Power of Comics! 10/21

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Join us for a panel of fabulous local comics creators, Dmitri Jackson, Will Jamison, Shreyas Krishnan, and Dan Zettwoch.
Hear them speak about how they make the magic happen, and preview some of their most exciting current projects!
Also, get a sneak peak of Betty’s Books, a new bookstore for graphic literature, in Webster Groves, that opens 10/23.
Dmitri Jackson
Dmitri Jackson is a graphic novelist, freelance illustrator and teacher based in Saint Louis, Missouri. His artwork has appeared in outlets such as the Riverfront Times, The Believer, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
His creative inspiration spans genres and media. Ben Passmore, Ralph Bakshi, Hunter S. Thompson, Spike Lee, Thelonious Monk, and “The Simpsons” are among Jackson’s many influences.
For the past decade, Jackson has managed Frotoon Press, an independent publisher of personal comic narratives that explore music, politics, culture and identity. His idiosyncratic brand of storytelling has garnered him 11 Glyph Comics Award nominations and a 2019 National Indie Excellence Award for Comics & Graphic Novels. Jackson majored in art and design at Washington University in St. Louis, where he has also taught the art of comics.
Instagram: @frotoonpress
Twitter: @frotoonpress
Dan Zettwoch
Dan Zettwoch is a cartoonist, information designer and printmaker. In addition to many self-published zines and handcrafted mini-comics, his books include BIRDSEYE BRISTOE (Drawn & Quarterly), AMAZING FACTS & BEYOND (Uncivilized Books), and Science Comics: CARS: ENGINES THAT MOVE YOU (First Second). His goofball illustrations and jam-packed diagrams have also been seen in the Missouri History Museum, the State Capitol, and in homemade screenprints commemorating local birds, baseball and gross foods.
Instagram/Twitter: @danzettwoch
Will Jamison
Will Jamison is a 2019 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. They have designed podcast logos, illustrated mobile games, and created many queer comics. By day, they are the Marketing Coordinator for Washington University in St. Louis, where they create numerous designs and large-scale illustrations. By night, they are developing several comics projects and cuddling with their cat.
Instagram: @thewilljamison
Twitter: @thewilljamison
Shreyas R Krishnan
Shreyas is an illustrator-designer from Chennai, India, who is curious about the ways visual culture and gender intersect. Her non-fiction work is rooted in research, and takes on the form of comics, zines, and documentary drawings.
Instagram: @sayerhs