The Roots of Commercial Design

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Ever wonder how raw materials, environment, and collaboration drive design?

This panel will explore the roots of commercial design. Where does it begin? How do raw materials influence design or the product? Where does collaboration come in? How does the designer articulate the client’s or brand’s vision?

Each panelist will offer an overview of their process and projects. Introductions will be followed by a moderated discussion and a public Q & A.

Kelly Hamilton, publisher and editor-in-chief, EQ Magazine

Tom Niemeier, founder and lead architect, Space Architecture + Design
Sarah Frost, senior designer, The Saint Louis Brewery (Schlafly)
Mike Spakowski, creative director, Atomicdust
David Stine, owner and master craftsman, David Stine Woodworking

All proceeds from the event will go to St. Louis Public Radio!

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