The Rise of Co-Working: A Growing Workplace Movement

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As one of the fastest-growing workplace movements of the last decade, co-working enables people from diverse backgrounds to work together in a common space. The number of co-working spaces around the world has increased by nearly 700 percent since 2011. Globally, an estimated half a million people work in more than 7,800 shared workspaces today, a number which is expected to climb to 37,000 over the next two years. The rapid expansion of co-working has transcended its origins as an alternative to traditional office space, originally favored by technology, start-up and freelancing communities. Today, a broad range of businesses — ranging from technology and professional service firms to consumer product companies — form a growing ecosystem that recognizes the value of flexibility, community and shared resources. Businesses of all sizes and types — ranging from small start-ups to global enterprises — choose to locate employees or teams in shared work environments, either temporarily or on an ongoing basis.

5:00pm Presentation on The Rise of Co-Working: A Growing Workplace Movement
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