Ready, Set, SPRINT! An Introduction to Design Sprints

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Considering creating a new product or solution? Why not increase your chances of success with a design sprint? Design sprints are time-bound prototyping exercises that help your team explore new solutions, test product ideas, and validate your findings—all in a short amount of time.

C.Todd Lombardo, co-author of Design Sprint, will run this hands-on design sprint workshop. Attendees will learn how to apply design sprint techniques to their projects, navigate common roadblocks, and get their whole team aligned through a mix of client success stories, individual activities, and quick-hit group exercises.

Chief Design Strategist at Fresh Tilled Soil C. Todd is a leader who wears many hats, all at once: Author, designer, scientist, professor, and visualizer. After originally beginning his career in science, C. Todd shifted his focus to product and design, ultimately innovating, designing, and managing products for countless companies large and small. C. Todd co-authored a book on Design Sprints, published by O’Reilly Media in Fall of 2015.