Bruton Stroube Studios

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Bruton Stroube

/Brew-ton Strow-bee/ n.


1. A creative, winged beast with sharp instincts, nerdy quirks, and more than a few righteous beards. Breathes coffee, shoots pictures and films.

2. A completely stocked nut-house, featuring 3 photography studios, fully equipped motion studio, audio suite, an on-site workshop, lunch lounge, and a commercial grade coffee bar. Now home to a full microbrew setup creating BSS Brews, simply for the love of beer.

3. A place where work equals play, and everything is crafted by over 30 unique experts under one roof. An all-in-one treatment: produce, shoot, cut, clean, smile, repeat.

— v. to make beautiful things. “If you Bruton Stroube, cherub babies will poop confetti in homage.” 

see also: Us! Come on by for a cup of joe, mug of brew, or game of pool. Anytime.

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